2019 September Litter due

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MERAKI WHIPPETS and Whippet Puppies

MERAKI WHIPPETS and Whippet Puppies


Expecting a September 2019 Litter

AKC whippet puppies for sale. Centra l Florida ,Ocala,  and Orlando Florida whippet puppies for sale

Trezlar"s the Need for Speed and Meraki"s Artic Kiss are expecting a litter September 12,2019.  Follow for more updates.

History and Temperament

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A small sighthound dog that the Pharaohs bred.  They were related to the Greyhound in which they kept  them in their palaces.  This sighthound maybe  the ancestor to todays Whippets. The small Greyhound bred in Medival England became popular being used for a ratting dog.  In 1610 the first written English use of the word Whippet to describe the sighthound.  There has been dogs that look exactly like the Whippet for thousands of years in paintings and sculptures, but were not called whippets until the mid 1800.  This is when the modern concept of "pure breeds" was created.

The early use of the whippet was to hunt hare using their speed in open fields instead of tracking by scent.  During the 18th and 19th centuries in Great Britain, the whippet became the poor man's greyhound.


Whippets have a very high prey drive due to their hunting background.  A whippet should not be left alone with small family pets like guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and even cats because its in his instinct to go after the prey (pets) resulting in injury or death.  Whippets do very well with other dogs and loves the pack life style.  Whippets are keen, friendly, and loyal and they become  attached to their owner.  Excellent with Children, Doesnt bark often, mild manner, and hardly any odor.  Whippets are indoor dogs because of his short coat and the fact they are thin, they get cold very easily.  Whippets need a fenced yard if they are to be loose. Otherwise on a leash at all times.  With it prey drive, once it takes pursuit there is no chance catching him.  This is dangerous because of cars.

Overall, the Whippet is intelligent but can be stubborn. They are gentle, affectionate ,quite lap dogs, who just enjoy laying around on the furniture. Give them 30 mins outside to sprint around and you have the fastest couch potato. 

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My name is Cynthianna, Im a small Whippet breeder in Florida. My puppies are raised in my home and are a part of my family.  My dogs are shown in conformation classes.  My goal is to improve the conformation and keep the sweet, gentle temperament that they are known for.  I want every puppy to be that piece of gold that is treasured.  

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A Furever Family member

To own a Whippet is like having the sun shining everyday even during a storm. They are loyal by your side kind of dog.  They get attach to their owner. You will also have unlimited cuddles and snuggles. They are diamonds in the rough.

Purchasing a Meraki Whippet

  • Limited Registration
  • Health Certificate
  • Vaccinated as required
  • Micro-chipped
  • Health guaranteed for 1 year after purchase.

September Litter Expected 2019

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Trezlars the need for speed

Health tested OFA certified for Heart and eyes.

Champion bloodlines

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Meraki's Artic Kiss

Champion bloodlines

Taking Deposits for your pick!!

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